Early Concept First Approach for the IP 

This is some BG designs we work for our new IP SMOKE-G,  the idea still on developing  stage, This Project is   Co-Directing with our friend Gino Baldeón, This time the IP would be for an Adult Target. 

 Our first idea was develop the hole project in 2D technique as the rest of production but now the Codirector change their mind and   take the hole project in to a Mix media world where the characters would be 2D and the BG it will be 3D. 

 But we really love the process that we are taking with this and want to share with you this beautiful BG.  Works side by side with our friend  Geovanny Chamba  A.K.A Pixel Rush and Directed by Gustavo Castellanos. 

  All rights reserved to BLACK STUDIO. 

The idea was to develop the BG to work in a 2D multi plane Camara so we take that in consideration in development process developing the hole pieces in separate layers and in a 4k Resolution in case they need to make a zoom in or out. 
Early concept for Scene 02 of the pilot 

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