Our friends at passion for sugar asked us to develop a Sub-brand for their line of ice cream.One of the concepts that the brand had been working on is that Happiness is possible and fits anywhere. 

That is why they began to stop selling desserts to sell moments of happiness with their  Products ; Slides of cakes, ice creams, drinks etc.

This is how we take advantage to create phrases and brand promises such as: 

- Happiness fits in a box.  ( Delivery Desserts)
- Happiness now fits in a cone.  ( Ice Cream )
- Happiness came to this place (  External points of sale )

That was the starting point to develop brand simplification
Also for Color Manage we decide to let the brand be complete Flexible to colors  in the corporate main palette . 
For Main application of Sub brand we develop a Pattern mad by the Icon of SubBrand  and  the Matrix Brand. This pattern could be flexible to the different corporate logos of  Passion for Sugar. 

We also make our brand  flexible to work side by side with his Matrix Brand ,
Including the Happy Face  or the Smile of the Ice cream to the Geometric Pattern 


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