Our Friends of G-Worshop Give us the chance to work side by side with them in the redesign of a national chocolate product. Black Studio was in charged of redesign the Character  MUK the Bear. So we Work with or creative Director in character Development and our Art Director for Final Render.

To reach this goal we star exploring Different Styles that could match with the target. So we star with Face Exploration.  

Once we finally have our favorite options that match with the brand and the Physiology of the character. we start working on some Silhouettes that match with that faces. 
We make some options of Final Clothing and poses to finish the character.
Work on the color  Variant of the Bear and and finally pass to the 2D render Stage.

Final 2D Render 

Final Character used at  Product Package, Design for G Workshop.
Client: Miraflores
Product: Yogourt Miraflores Kid
Produced for Black Team 
Package Design : Gworkshop. 
  Character Design Develop by BLACK STUDIO  &  Directed by  GUSTAVO CASTELLANOS .
check more at : https://www.behance.net/Black-Studio.
Pack Design  by GWORKSHOP & Directed by Jose Luis García. 
check more at : https://gworkshopdesign.com/

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