Once again, we have the chance to work with our friends of Miraflores and do 2 new action poses for do and an old friend that we developed many years ago, MAX.

Now they need 2 new poses. The first one was developed to make the character look more heroic and explored the idea of making them look like super hero, but at the end of the process, the brand took the road to make it look more normal but still heroic 

The other one was MAX with a soccer ball for the upcoming events of the Fifa World Cup.

In the rough sketches for Hero pose we want to make it literally as  a super hero but then for marketing stuffs and to not loose the  original character we just let the heroic pose but with his normal clothes 

Here we have the color option compare with the original character that we develop a few years ago. 
This also help us to compare and check that we are keeping on Model with our character.

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