Turn your light on this Christmas  Pitch 2017
We worked on this project with the agency Walker Brand.
The campaign was made of two types of content: Hero and Help.  For the hero content we wanted to develop a short film about family, represented by a family of stars, the main idea was that they were cornered by consumerism, forgetting the importance of sharing with their loved ones and the true meaning of this season. This caused our characters to lose their light. This content was supported by different marketing pieces based on the short film, focused on inviting the families to share a moment together in the shopping mall merging the idea of spending time together and buying presents. 
We were in charge of the creative part of the short film, as well as, the development of characters and key visuals for the pitch. Unfortunately, we did not win the pitch and the short film wasn’t made, but we would like our characters to see the light, so we are sharing them with you.

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