In Du Monde We start with a Mission:

Ranger Pops is the result of that mission. A snack that supports our values


Our friends of Gworkshop give us the chance to collaborate once more in the character design for one of their clients Ranger Pops. This time we have complete communication with the Client and  have  constant Feedback in the process of  Bruss Du Monde Design.

The first step was to construct the psychology attributes of Bruss Du monde, Based in  the Brief that Client give us, so we could make the first exploration of this little kid. The exploration give us the chance to explore different cartoon styles  some of them originals , some others based on famous trends at animation styles cartoon. 


We star to explore  different clothe styles to find the best option. 

Once we have the right clothes, star a quick expression sheet to explore the different feelings and emotions. The color of hair change a little bit in the process but we explore some Ruffs of different situations and Facial expressions of the character.

Turn Around  of Bruss Dumonde.
Action Poses for Flavor Packs. 
This are some Variants we must to explore in Sweet Flavor to Reach what client was looking for.
Final Clean up for packs we make just Flat color to not have problems at Flexografía Print.
Few months later we design two more poses for Social Network post and this time we could work a little bit more the volumes with light , Shadow and Gradients.
Ranger Pops not only does they seek to sell their product, They are  also aims at promoting and encouraging creativity and imagination in his consumers. That is why Brus Du monde was designed, he will live incredible adventures in alternative stories that relate ancient tales of popular culture, comics and even movies to invite the viewer to never stop dreaming.

Ruff Ideas , Lay Outs & Color Keys   for Epic Moments

So they made different Epic Moments and Write Some Stories  to post in their Social network as Brand Content and keep their audience with some free content and educational data of classic fairytales viewed from Bruss Dumonde Point of view.

Final Concepts / Epic Moments

Client: DuMonde 
Product: Ranger Pops 
Produced for Black Team 
Character Design :Gustavo Castellanos 
Concept art : Javier Fuentes y Gustavo Castellanos 
Package Design : Gworkshop. 
  Character Design Develop by BLACK STUDIO  &  Directed by  GUSTAVO CASTELLANOS .
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Pack & Logo Design Strategy by GWORKSHOP & Directed by Jose Luis García. 
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