Our Friends of Ogilvy Rednet Ecuador comes with a wide and  unique concept: “Sí, pensamos en todo” (Yes, we thought of that) that embodies all of Velvet's Sunscreen attributes to perfection with simple, modern, creative executions and stunning Art Direction.  
So for make this concept real,  Motion Arts Studio & Black Studio Decides to work together as a team  to solve the problem.  
We develop 3  Still Images &  Direct and Produce the TVC to show the attributes of the product.

So we start to represent some concepts like cell protection and skin care with balls and different plane materials & Shapes ,  for final pieces we get feedback from the Agency and his Art Director  to simplify more the Sets and  rescue the elegance and minimalism of the concept.
​​​​​​​Next Step it would be find the right materials for the Sets so we  make some test  .

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