Cover Image designed by Jose Luis Garcia  / Gworkshop  2022.
Ranger Rings
Ranger Rings was a a really cool project for us because we have Complete Liberty in Creativity.
 We was in charged of  find the Illustrations for the Packs designed by our friends of Gworkshop Studio lead by Jose Luis Garcia.
So we have to plan the Action Pose and the composition based on  the first Lay Out  that the Brand Agency give us, basically we must to respect the corner of the pack for some kind of Flavor World. and the Logo aligned to the center of the Pack. ​​​​​​​

So we make  this really quick Rough versions just to share what we want to do for the pack. 
We refine the sketch and clean the lines to Final approve of Design Stage and pass to color In the process for technical issues the main flavor of Pizza pass to be White Cheese and we must to change the planet and Polish the Rocket. 
Once all the Character design was approved we must to put all the elements in the Main Guide we also could collaborate and give our approach to the pack design and change some of the size elements.
These illustrations were used for the new line of quinoa and chia snacks for the Ranger brand. In these packages the main character BRUSS DUMOND,  is highlighted, who discovers new worlds with unique characteristics in space.
Pack  Graphic Design & Product Mock ups made by G Workshop 
Character Design & Illustration  : Black Studio 

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