UPAH is a Little Imaginary monster, is responsible for entertaining and caring for children, loves to play and share hundreds of adventures with them. But his main desire is to be able to help all the little ones with their different problems or difficulties. Because that is what a friend does and much more, anImaginary Friend with him there will be nothing impossible.

Early Silhouettes  & Shape Exploration

UPAH is imaginary monster, despite its large size, it has the spirit and heart of a child. Since they will have to learn many things and overcome different adversities. His friends are the most important thing and he will not rest until he helps them. That is why he created different magical and nutritious places to provide different skills or help children in different circumstances.
Finding the Dimensionality and Structure for Option A and Option B
Option A was Approved so we Star Explore His Personality  with some Action Poses & Expression Sheet.
Upah  was created for an upcoming kids Products Such as Vitamins and Gumies that helps kids with different Problems like; Stomach discomfort, gas problems, helps improve development, improves the immune system, helps increase cognitive abilities, increase appetite, sleep properly among many other benefits. 

So We take that issues and Insights to develop this action poses.
Heres the Final Results of Vector Clean Up Poses  Process.
Client: Miraflores
Product: Yogourt Miraflores Kid
Produced for Black Team 
Package Design : Gworkshop. 
  Character Design Develop by BLACK STUDIO  &  Directed by  GUSTAVO CASTELLANOS .
check more at : https://www.behance.net/Black-Studio.
Pack Design  by GWORKSHOP & Directed by Jose Luis García. 
check more at : https://gworkshopdesign.com/

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