Ranger Snacks Call us Once more to develop some Posters Design  for their Products with their Lovely Character Bruss Du Monde and some additional pieces like Apparel and Mock ups for Social network Line ups to post at their Instagram.

Concept: We Want that the product Speaks for himself , Ranger-pop has all the Nutritional Info, Flavor and all you need to know in the front of the pack.

So we wanted color to reinforce the concept of a Snack with imagination by putting it at different times full of which it reinforces its flavors. We also wanted the price not to be an overlapping element and we tried to introduce it into the illustration with the use of a currency.

First Rough Concept to Explain the Idea. and Color Keys of Approved Lay Outs.
We also have the chance to design more Brand pieces  for Ranger Pops so we develop a corporative T shirt for people that Work in the Factory and Delivery Department . We also develop some Patches to replicate the Blue Jacket of Bruss. 

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