The concept for this video was to represent in a minimal and abstract way.
The work process of the studio. Thats why we start at te Main Black as part of our Core Value 
Where the first idea comes to life with the Big Bang  this idea could represent any kind of client, after that the idea Evolve and  Connect with other worlds and their ideas or Experience in different points of the Universe.  That represent our style of work always finding the right  professionals for the project and our experience to work in a remote way since our foundation.
Finally when all the ideas collapse and form  the Pure White that represent the product solved the client shining.

​​​​​​​Credits : 
General Direction: Black Studio
Creative Direction: Paul Hidalgo & Gustavo Castellanos
Art Direction & Design :  Gustavo Castellanos 
Animation : Paul Hidalgo
Sound Design : Daruma Audio

Rough Concept & Storyboard
Style frame Design 
Behind the  Keyframes ( Making Off Gifs)
Early  Concept of Universe of Ideas.
Based in this idea universe we could work in different pieces for social network as this wallpapers where we take the fecundation as the secondary  concept and show how an idea it is going to be and probably start a new Explosion  of Creativity. 
This animation was developed to start every single reel of our Associated Artist & Directors that Black represent in our Rooster.  so we develop some Glitch Transition to pass for the final frame of the intro to the name of the artist or Director and start with their own Reels. 
 Hope you Guys Liker it and Share with us your Love. D

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