Produced by

General Direction: Tomer Gerbi & Door Peer 

Creative Direction : Gustavo Castellanos and Door Peer
 Art Direction: Mauricio Navas y Gustavo Castellanos
 Storyboard : Gustavo Castellanos
Lighting and Modeling - Mauricio Navas
Animation: Mauricio Navas
Sound: Tal Steinberg

Banking Designed for Your Business The one-stop shop for all your small business financial needs — banking, accounting and taxes.

We have to develop an intro video to share all the attributes of the app inside the same app so once the user enter to the lili bank app this video will be appears. 

Our approach was to play with clean and 3d icons to develop a modern but corporate feeling to the video.

First Approved Storyboard.

 Early Styleframe Exploration 

Our first approach was to develop a modern look with volumetric icons and surreal spaces but we start to go far away of what brand was looking for so we keep exploring different solutions until land in to the final minimal look. 

Once we finally achieve the Fina Look and feel for the video we must to explore the best color posibilities  based on Lili Brand book. 

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