This is a compilation Projects of all the Remakes that we must to produce at 2016 y 2017 When we was Filoh Motion Studio  Before making the first Remake of Power of Play.  

Any of these represent a different challenge for us  not only for the short production time but also to try to achieve the same Quality as the Original production made by the great PSYOP. 

The first 2D Remake was Fanta Gigi Dance Mall (Remake Ecuador)

The challenge in this video was to try to make the new 2D look that the brand made for his characters but we do not have the production time to make it 3D and use cell shader so what we do is make Traditional animation and Puppet tool over 2D flat vector character and basically copy the same animation that PSYOP, made in 3D but we made it in Traditional Frame by Frame. and we made this in less than a month. 

Fanta Rock the House (Remake Ecuador)

For this second Remake basically we adopt the same production pipeline like the PSYOP, we receive the 3D character and could recreate the hole comercial for it  the main challenge was to are do the Art  and match the Collage Backgrounds Style of the TVC.

FANTA INTRINSIC  (Remake Ecuador)

This was one of the final remake we could produce for  Fanta and the challenge of his was to match the liquid simulation also we made a Fake simulation for  the bubbles close up, what we do is make some kind of Photoshop collage and animate it with particles.
With all this projects done, Open the chance  to produce our own  Original Creative  TVC for FANTA as Studio and working directly for La verde Creative in house Agency of  Coca Cola Company.


Agency: Rednet Ecuador.
Produced by: Filoh Motion Studio .
Directed by: Mauricio Navas & Gustavo Castellanos

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