Header Design. by : José Luis G workshop.

Miraflores ,is a great milk product company from Ecuador, So we refreshed the new line of flavour products with a new character based on his previous main character call Margarita. with a cleaner brand identity and took an in-depth look at the style and character of its global character icon. The new design portrays Choco the little nephew of  Margarita in a dynamic, Cartoon Hight end Render look where he dresses, acts and appears the way real kids do in the world around them.

Time to Explore the Character.
Color exploration skin  and t-shirt variants.
Actitud development Action Poses
Final Version Headphone Prop & Short pants color variant.
The Character at the end was used for a Kids Yogurt line and The final Package was design by G-Workshop,  but we want to share how our character was applied to the final product We really love  it..
Client: Miraflores
Product: Yogourt Miraflores Kid
Produced for Black Team 
Package Design : Gworkshop. 
  Character Design Develop by BLACK STUDIO  &  Directed by  GUSTAVO CASTELLANOS .
check more at : https://www.behance.net/Black-Studio.
Pack Design  by GWORKSHOP & Directed by Jose Luis García. 
check more at : https://gworkshopdesign.com/

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