We must to Clean Up the first 05 sec of this shot characters we were so exited to could be part of this beautiful history.  So we were not going to miss the chance to contribute our bit, as well as being able to draw some lines in Odis character design Style.

Final Shot BG & Como for Le Cube.

Here are an examples of the composition pass process we did for each frame.
Director: Ralph Karam        
EP: Gustavo Karam, Juan Manuel Freire        
  Art Director: Santiago Oddis   
Animation Director : Martín Lara        
Line Producer : Juliana Millán   
Illustrators: Santiago Oddis / Juan Barabani / Juan Manuel Tumburús / Iván Olszevicki / Alejandro Barbesi 
Fernando La Mattina / Jonatas Cardoso / Sofía Fernandez Vallejo      
Compo: Fernando La Mattina / Vicente Ziegler / Mariano Fernandez Russo 
       2D Animators: Martín Lara / Alejandro Briganti / Franco Pelliciaro / Ana Artaza / Diego Frachia 
Maricel Piazza / Katherine Pryor / Fernando La Mattina / Bruno Brasil / Emanuel Zampalo    
    3D Modeling, Shading, Lighting: Fernando La Mattina / Vicente Ziegler        
Clean Up: Emanuel Zampalo / Maricel Piazza / Juliana Gorgati / Julieta Culaciati / Gabriela Bosco /
Juan Pablo Barbieri / Guadalupe Perez / Sofía Fernandez Vallejo / 
Gustavo Castellanos & Black Studio / Eugenia Casal / Adrián Peralta

If you want to see the complete project you can visit Le cube 
  or follow this links. https://vimeo.com/297617812 

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