Main Titles Null Fest 2019

Null is a community that seeks to promote and exhibit the Ecuadorian creative talent, sharing knowledge, experiences and generating connections between the actors and future actors of the creative design and animation industry in Ecuador. Each year, Null Fest celebrates design and ideas in motion with international guests who share their professional experiences, work processes and tips for the entire community.

On June 7 and 8 of 2019, the first edition of Null Fest was held and we want to share the process of the main titles. The main concept was to show how the Nulls Brand Pipes start to invade the urban space of
Quito with different Cuts until the Final Reveal that all the pieces it's going to the main part of
the city to form Null Logo. ​​​​​​​

Branding Null Fest 2019 by Alex Madird

​​​​​​​Some early test Style frames Made by INTIFX & BANG STUDIO

Some Animation & Tracking Test by Bang Studio

Once we have clear how the element it´s going to work with real Footage the next step was to find right composition and define movements over the Off Line, So we start to work on the Take Script.

Creative Direction & Design By Black Studio

To Speed the Workflow  we made a Brush Preset at Adobe  Illustrator with Null Corporate Pipes  and Patterns to  Create the Concepts & Play in a Easiest way the Composition.

Final presentation of main titles at Null Fest 2019 

Production & Direction: Non Studio.
Art & Creative Direction: Black Studio.
3D & VFX: Bang Studio & Inti Fx.
Camera: Roberto Montenegro, Jerónimo Albornoz & Andrea Puga.
Montage: Daniel Montenegro.
Music: Miguel Angel Espinoza & Pablo Molina.

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